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We want to equip you and encourage you to speak biblical Truth – with courage and confidence – into the biggest issues in our culture. So we’ve designed this section exclusively for pastors who want to defend the Truth with boldness.
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God’s Design for Sexuality

There is more deception, confusion, and controversy around the issue of sexuality than any other issue in our culture today.



A Good Pastor Protects

In Acts 20, Paul charged leaders in the Church to stand up and protect their flock from those who would distort the truth and draw people away from Christ.



Does God Belong in Government?

Romans 13 teaches that believers are to be subject to governing authorities, and some Christians point to this as a reason for the Church to stay out of politics.



Is Social Justice Biblical?

The term “Social Justice” is used a lot these days, even among many Christians. But does the concept of social justice align with biblical justice?